About NOËL Family Distillery

We envision a world where every sip of NOËL Spirits isn’t just a taste, but a celebration of culture, a burst of Louisiana’s vibrant spirit, and a moment of pure joy.

We aspire to make NOËL Spirits a household name, synonymous not just with quality, but with innovation, fun, flavor, family, and the zest of Louisiana.

Together, we’re inviting the world to join a movement – a movement that celebrates life, values exceptional flavor, and cherishes every moment of the human experience.



Our Story: Chip Noel & Natalie Noel

Chip & Natalie Noel

Chip and his daughter, Natalie Noel, decided to start a distillery in their hometown.  Along with local farmers and the residents of Donaldsonville who invested in the distillery, this has been a process labored in love and persistence.

Our products highlight the pursuit of adventure but never forfeits quality, heritage, or our dedication to excellence. Distilled just 25 feet above sea level, on the banks of the historic Mississippi River, each spirit fully embodies the essence of living well.

We hope to remind you with each sip, a taste of luxury is never too far from home.

Natalie Noel, CEO

Natalie Noel, CEO and product visionary, earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a collegiate basketball scholarship from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and an M.B.A from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Her love of product development, tequila, and craft cocktails helped her partner up with dear ol’ dad and start this adventure together!

Our Story: Captain Chip Noel

Chip Noel, Master Distiller

Chip Noel, master distiller and visionary of the NOËL Family Distillery, traveled near and far as a jet pilot, never forgetting his origins in the sugarcane fields. With the spirit of Louisiana beneath his wings, Chip set out to discover life’s finest offerings. The pursuit of luxury and life led him on a journey from coast to coast, only to reveal that nothing is sweeter than home.


Noel Family Distillery Tree Frog Symbol

You may be wondering why we have a frog on everything?  Are we just obsessed with frogs?  Maybe.

The real story is that the green tree frog is the official Louisiana state amphibian!

We love our state and we’re proud to represent Louisiana no matter where we are in the world.

Also, did you know the frog has been a symbol of luck, creation, and prosperity?

So you might see the frog everywhere on our site as well as building. This way we can get as much luck and prosperity starting this new venture.