Our Community
Our Community

Our Community

“It’s going to bring an economic impact to the city of Donaldsonville.”

Leroy Sullivan,
Mayor of Donaldsonville

Dear citizens of Donaldsonville and Visitors,

From the moment we launched the distillery, local farmers and the residents of Donaldsonville welcomed us with open arms and invested in us.  It is to you we dedicate this long journey and labor of love from the beginning to our grand opening.  You’ve been with us along the way through every hurdle and progress.

Whether you’re visiting or looking for a fun evening, take the time to visit some of the gems of our town.  Stop at the First and Last chance Cafe to try one of their daily lunch specials. The Grapevine Cafe is a wonderful spot to have dinner with local Louisiana cuisine, or schedule a tour with us or the River Road African American Museum.

We’re so proud to be a part of the city and make an economic impact locally.  Our promise to you is to continue to support and be a part of the community of Donaldsonville. 


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Chip & Natalie Noel

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