NOËL Spirits Now Served in Tiger Stadium

Have you heard the news?

NOËL Tequila was recently named the official tequila of LSU®

Athletics, baby! We’re thrilled to be the only tequila offered by a Louisiana distillery sold in Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge.

Tiger fans can now enjoy both of our additive-free expressions of exceptionally smooth 100% agave tequilas during game day.

Read the official announcement in our press release here

Our family has been Tiger fans for decades. It felt like a dream to sip our tequila in Death Valley alongside other fans during the first home game of the season. GEAUX TIGERS!

Our Ultra-Premium Tequila


NOËL Family Distillery is proud to be the only Louisiana distillery to offer tequila. It’s a genuine labor of love and a responsibility we take seriously. 

Both small batch expressions are made in Jalisco, Mexico with a propriety blend of mature-harvested lowland and highland 100% Blue Weber agave. The result? Smooth, balanced, and delicious flavor. 

Reposado is aged in former Jack Daniel’s oak barrels and imparts distinct notes of oak, caramel, almond, and baked agave. (Find us in stores

Blanco is slightly sweet with notable hints of pineapple, vanilla, pepper, and cooked agave. (Find us in stores

You don’t have to choose just one! We created many refreshing cocktail recipes to enjoy with either Reposado or Blanco tequila and a special Blueberry Spiked Lemonade to celebrate our new partnership with  LSU®

Athletics! Enjoy it on game day or any day. 

What could be better than sipping a margarita or ranch water on a Saturday night while cheering on our Fighting Tigers? See you at the game! 

To learn more about our deliciously smooth tequila and other ultra-premium spirits, book a tour and tasting at our Donaldsonville, LA distillery today. Meet our master distiller, learn about our rich local history, and sample all of our delicious spirits. Be sure and take a few bottles home with you too. 

Not local? No problem, you can order online here to receive your Louisiana sipping spirits delivered straight to your door.

Honoring Jimmy Buffett With Our Fall Margarita

When we think of Jimmy Buffet, most people conjure up images of parrot heads, margaritas, Key West, and…Louisiana.

The world lost the King of Trop Rock and a music legend this September.  Although he will be sorely missed by diehard followers and casual fans alike, his music will most certainly live on. Along with the ever-present steel drums and guitar, Buffett’s music wouldn’t be what is today without New Orleans.

Buffett himself credits New Orleans for having a big influence and presence in his life and career. He is best known for his 1977 classic hit, Margaritaville.

While Buffett was born in Mississippi, he moved to NOLA in 1969 where his musical talents were discovered and nurtured.  “He fell in love with the city back then,” said music writer Keith Spera. “The city helped kind of give him the confidence to go out and do what he was going to do.”

According to 4WWL TV in New Orleans, “He adopted the city and it was glad to have its newfound son.”  Jimmy loved playing for the crowds and clubs on its famous and well-loved streets.

Of course, Jimmy also had a fondness for Tequila and we just know he would have fallen in love with our small batch of ultra-premium sipping spirits that finish a refined Margarita.

Jimmy himself said, “Life is a journey that’s not measured in miles or years but in experiences.”  We hope you’ll join us in a toast to JB for sharing his many talents with us over the years and giving us cherished experiences and memories.

And, of course, we hope you’ll choose Noel’s Distillery’s Tequilas (and don’t forget the classic island spirit rum!) for the well-deserved tribute. Remember to heed Buffett’s timeless words, “If life gives you limes, make Margaritas.”

Rest easy, Jimmy with your shaker of salt!


Fall Margarita


  • 2 oz NOËL Tequila Blanco (Buy Now) 
  • 1 oz Cinnamon Simple Syrup
  • 1 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 0.75 oz Lime Juice


  • Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker. 
  • Add ice and shake until chilled
  • Pour in a short glass over ice

To learn more about our ultra-premium spirits, book a tour and tasting at our Donaldsonville, LA distillery today. Meet our master distiller, learn about our rich local history, and sample all of our delicious spirits. Be sure and take a few bottles home with you too. 

Not local? No problem, you can order online here to receive your Louisiana sipping spirits delivered straight to your door.

How Our Tequila is Made From Agave Sugar

Natalie Noel, CEO shows us the extracting mill at the partner distillery in Mexico.

What is Agave Sugar?

Not all sweeteners are equal and there are many ways to produce sugars and syrups. 

Still, there’s no doubt one of the most interesting is the creation of agave sugar.

Agave sugar is a versatile sweetener used in the kitchen and bar. It’s much sweeter than regular sugar, so a little goes a long way and it has a low glycemic index. Agave syrup can be substituted for honey and table sugar in many recipes, cocktails, and desserts. 

This Mexican specialty has deep cultural roots and is the base for our fabulous tequila.  Read on to discover its secrets and how Noël Tequila is sourced and processed from this unique plant.

Agave Plants

There are many different types of agave. These cactus-like plants grow in the arid Mexican landscape and similar regions such as the southern USA and the Caribbean.

Agave plants are tough and evolved to weather the harshest conditions, with little water and intense sunlight.

The plants retain water in their often-spiny leaves. However, they also store energy in the form of starches which can be turned into sugar.

Agave sugar is typically fermented to produce the base of exciting spirits like Mezcal and Tequila. Still, consumers are curious about the sugar itself, which leads us to the creation of agave syrup.

Baking Agave

The famous Tequilana Weber Blue Agave is the most common source of agave sugar, whether it’s destined to become Tequila or syrup. The plant is easy to grow and contains a big, starchy “heart.” When harvested, the spiny leaves are cut and the heart is later processed to make alcoholic spirits or syrup.

Since the agave’s starches are large molecules that are not sweet at all, the hearts must be cooked to break them down into smaller, sweeter sugar molecules.

How do you cook an agave heart? Traditionally, producers used an underground pit oven. However, modern ovens are the norm today. The result, though, is the same: cooked agave hearts filled with sweet sugars that are ready to be extracted.

Our agave is matured harvested and cooked for up to 30 hours to reveal the full aroma and flavor of the agave plant.

Natalie Noel, CEO standing beside the holding tank in Mexico where the fresh-pressed agave juice is stored.

Grinding the Agave

Whether the agave is cooked or processed raw, it‘s time to grind it. Modern methods have evolved to achieve similar results as the time-honored practices.

Traditionally, a donkey walked around a pit dragging a heavy grinding stone called a tahona. This is how agave hearts (and other ingredients, like grains) were crushed for centuries. Some producers still use this approach today.

Our woman-owned partner distillery in Jalisco, Mexico uses mechanical mills with metallic rollers to crush the agave hearts to obtain fine fibers that can easily be processed to extract the sugar.

Here‘s where making agave sugar gets interesting. Once you have fine agave fibers, you can run hot water through them. The water gently separates the sugar from the fiber, resulting in sweet syrup then aged or rested appropriately.

Master distiller, Chip Noel, and CEO Natalie Noel inspect the extracting mill at their woman-owned partner distillery in Mexico.

There’s a reason we’re the only distillery in Louisiana to offer tequila-it’s no easy feat! Like the tough agave plants, we fought over six long years to bring you authentic Mexican tequila with our own flavorful and bold Louisiana spin.

Our cross-border partnership with another woman-owned distillery has produced two versatile and luxurious blends made for celebrating everyday moments–no need to wait for a special occasion.

A propriety blend of lowland and highland Blue Weber agave gives this expression a mix of earthy, peppery, fruity, and floral notes. Enjoy it as a sipper or in a refreshing Ranch Water cocktail.

Aged in former Jack Daniels oak barrels, this expression offers oak, caramel, almond, and baked agave notes. Perfect in a margarita or as a rum or bourbon swap in your favorite cocktails. 

Now that you’ve had an inside look into how our tequilas are made, come experience our other beautiful spirits. We’ll welcome you with a shot of southern hospitality. Book a tour today, meet our master distiller, and sample our small batch spirits.

Not local? No problem. Click Here to have our craft spirits delivered straight to your door. Cheers from our family to yours!

5 Refreshing Cocktails to Celebrate National Rum Day

Rum is the very essence of the Caribbean — sugar cane turned into a rich, aromatic, and subtle sweet spirit evocative of warm tropical weather. But you don’t have to travel overseas to experience authentic barrel-aged rum.

It’s available right here in our Louisiana distillery!

Enjoy our rum as a sipper or mixed into some of the most popular classic recipes. Here are 5 refreshing cocktails to celebrate National Rum Day:

1. Mojito

The Cuban specialty is the 10th most popular cocktail worldwide, and it’s enjoyed everywhere. Fresh mint and lime juice are the most refreshing combination — the perfect stage for our tequila-cask finished rum to shine. Muddled cocktails are in vogue right now, and the mojito is the most popular in the category.

  • 1.5 oz NOËL Rum (buy now
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 6 sprigs of mint
  • 2 tsp granulated sugar
  • Sparkling water 

In a rocks glass, muddle the mint with the sugar, add the lemon wedges, and muddle until squeezed. Pour the rum, fill with crushed ice, and top with soda. Stir gently and garnish with a mint sprig.

2. Daiquiri

After the mojito, the daiquiri is the most famous Cuban cocktail, and they share personalities — they‘re both made with rum, lime juice, and sugar. However, the daiquiri looks and feels fancier, as it’s often served on slick martini glasses. This three-ingredient combo is easy to make at home and shows how balance is all you need to craft the perfect drink.

  • 2 oz NOËL Rum (buy now
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 2 tsp granulated sugar

Fill a shaker with ice and add the ingredients. Shake for 10 seconds and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

3. Hurricane

This 1940s exotic and colorful drink is as stunning as it is delicious. The original recipe calls for a curvy cocktail glass, the hurricane glass; however, you can use a highball if you don‘t have tropical glassware. 

Click Here for our recipe

4. Cuba Libre

The famous Cuba Libre is one of the simplest cocktails to make, and it‘s one of the most comforting. The combination of rum and coke is a match made in heaven, and it’s even more special with a squirt of lime juice. The fancy version of the rum and coke has room in every cocktail lover’s heart.

  • 1.5 oz NOËL Rum (buy now
  • Top Coca-Cola

Fill a highball glass with fresh ice, pour the rum, top with Coca-Cola, and garnish with a lime wedge.

5. Piña Colada

Literally “strained pineapple,” the original Piña Colada was made with freshly pressed pineapple juice (which needed to be strained), coconut cream, and rum. The Piña Colada tastes like you’re on a cruise, and it’s for the tropical combination of pineapple and coconut. This is Puerto Rico’s national drink, but it’s now a world phenomenon.

  • 1.5 oz NOËL Rum (buy now
  • 1 oz coconut cream
  • 2 oz fresh pineapple juice

Blend the ingredients with ice, garnish with a pineapple leaf and a cherry, and serve immediately.

Having a bottle of NOËL rum around is always a good idea, and now that you know how to make the most popular rum-based cocktails, the sky’s the limit. Call some friends over and add tropical vibes to your get-together with rum!

Enjoy National Rum Day with NOËL Spirits!

Click Here to have our small-batch, ultra-premium sipping spirits sent straight to your door. Cheers!

A Look Inside Our Vodka Distillation

Vodka is one of the most consumed spirits worldwide. Its neutral flavor makes it the perfect base in the trendiest cocktails because it allows other ingredients to shine. The name vodka comes from the Russian word “voda” meaning water.

NOËL Vodka requires no aging and may appear to be a simple spirit on the surface. But don’t be fooled! Our ultra-premium vodkas are anything but ordinary. When creating our flavor profile, our goal was to bring you the smoothest and most delicious vodka that can be sipped straight–no mixer needed! 

Enjoy as a sipper on the rocks or enhance your favorite cocktail with our delicious vodka that is proofed and bottled right here in our Louisiana distillery. 

Let’s take a closer look inside our vodka distillation process…

Vodka Ingredients

The first vodka was made by distilling a fermented mash made of potatoes.

Soon grains such as wheat and rye became popular fermentable bases for the clear spirit too.

However, distilleries worldwide can use anything, from sugar cane and grapes to soybeans and apples, to make vodka. Surprisingly, even quinoa and honeycomb are used by some producers. If you can ferment and distill it, you can use it to make vodka.

At NOËL Family Distillery, we use 100% corn produced in the USA which imparts a subtle sweetness and a luxurious mouthfeel. Our vodkas are exceptionally smooth palate pleasers and finish without the burn. This is something that sets us apart from our competition.

The Mash

Vodka starts with a mash, a technical term for a starchy and sugar-rich liquid that is fermented. Steamed rice, corn, wheat, grapes, and anything in between are used as the base of much of the vodka produced in the USA.

Depending on the ingredients used, no two mashing processes are the same. It’s more challenging to extract fermentable sugars from potatoes than from grapes for example.

The Distillation

Alcoholic distillation–separating the alcohol in the mash by gradually heating a fermented liquid–can be traced back to the ancient Arab world. 

Of course, not all alcohol is the same. The first and last fumes to evaporate in a distillation still, the “heads and tails,” must be discarded because they’re highly toxic. These are referred to as “cuts” and they are expertly made by our master distiller, Chip Noel. 

The sweet spot in between, the pure ethanol–the good stuff is aptly referred to as the “heart.” This is what ends up in the bottle and in your cocktail.

The Filtering

After the ethanol heart is captured, we re-distill it, not just two or three times, but six times and then charcoal filter to remove impurities and preserve balance and character. 

This careful filtration process results in a premium spirit that can stand alone sans any mixer. Try our vodka today and experience why Louisiana-produced local spirits are just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Remember, for our vodkas, purity is everything. 

Finally, we combine this ultra-pure ethanol with water and bottle it. One extra step goes into preparing our signature pickle vodka, we infuse it with briney and dill flavors. People are raving about it! Try it for a fun twist in your next Bloody Mary.

To get a closer look at our distillation process, book a tour and tasting today. Meet our master distiller, learn about our rich local history, and sample all of our delicious spirits. Be sure and take a few bottles home with you too. 

Not local? No problem, you can order online here to receive your Louisiana spirits delivered straight to your door.

Fun Facts to Celebrate National Tequila Day!

Tequila is soaring in popularity in the US according to the Distilled Spirits Council. This Mexican spirit isn’t just a fading trend. In fact, “super-premium” tequila sales have spiked 1,522% since 2003.

We’re as excited as you are to celebrate!

So, crack open a bottle of NÖEL Tequila offered in two unique expressions and learn some fun facts about this beloved agave spirit while sipping.

1. Tequila has an appellation of origin

Tequila is a typical Mexican spirit, and it’s protected by law. There’s even a well-established Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) that was founded in 1994. Producers must follow strict rules according to Tequila’s appellation of origin declared by the Mexican government in 1974. Much like champagne and cognac, it’s a protected brand.

2. When life gives you agave, make tequila

Tequila is an exciting spirit. Unlike vodka or whiskey, it’s not made with grains, or fruit, like brandy. Tequila is made with agave, cactus-like plants that thrive in arid climates and take years to mature. Agave plants accumulate large amounts of sugar, and producers can ferment and distill that sugar into alcohol. All tequila is made with blue agave or Agave tequilana, and it’s actually blue!

3. Tequila is a place

Tequila is named after a town in Jalisco, in Central Mexico, and, yes, a lot of tequila comes from the town of Tequila. However, due to the spirit’s popularity, producers can now make tequila in different states, and some are nowhere near the town of Tequila.

4. Is tequila made from pineapples?

To make tequila, producers harvest the spiny blue agaves by chopping off their thorny leaves. What’s left looks like a pineapple, and people actually call the agave heart a pineapple. However, it is not an actual pineapple, obviously. So, now you know why people mention pineapples when discussing tequila.

5. Can I find authentic tequila in Louisiana?

Thankfully, yes! Did you know that NOËL Family Distillery is the only distillery in Louisiana to offer authentic 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila? That’s right! It was a painstakingly long process but well worth the wait. We’re so excited to bring it to you!

Order online to have these affordable yet luxurious spirits delivered straight to your door. Our unique blends are perfect for sending as gifts too!

  • Tequila Blanco – a slightly sweet, balanced, and versatile blend featuring notable hints of pineapple, vanilla, pepper, and cooked agave. Flavorful and bold, this luxury tequila is perfect for sipping or mixing in your favorite cocktail.
  • Tequila Reposado – a luxurious and intriguing sipper featuring notes of oak, caramel, almond, and baked agave straight from the oven, this blend is slightly aged in former Jack Daniel’s oak barrels for an absolutely delicious finish.


6. Shoot it or sip it?

Most people pour themselves and their guests shots, and that’s fun. However, tequila is rarely meant to be shot; it’s much nicer when sipped! NOËL Tequila is incredibly complex; whether it brings forward the unique flavor of cooked agave or imparts hints of pineapple and pepper, you’ll want to savor every drop, so take it easy!

7. All tequila is not created equal

Tequila comes in several styles, and producers must follow strict rules to make each. For starters, you should only purchase 100% blue agave tequila such as NOËL Tequila. It’s the real deal and definitely not the same as the terrible tequila you had in college. 

We fell in love with authentic tequila and knew we had to have it as an offering alongside our other Louisiana spirits in our Donaldsonville distillery. It’s a superior sipping experience. If you have space for one tequila in your life–this is it!

8. Our favorite tequila cocktails

Our tequila is a lovely sipper all on its own, but we also enjoy mixing it into some delicious cocktails. Raise your glasses with us for National Tequila Day! Here are some of our favorite recipes. Cheers! 

Margarita is the most famous tequila cocktail. Mixing tequila with Coca-Cola is common in Mexico, and so is combining it with grapefruit soda and a splash of lime juice in a salt-crusted highball; that’s a Paloma, and it’s delicious.

Happy National Tequila Day!

Not that you know a bit more about tequila and its popularity, make a bowl of guacamole and pour yourself some NOËL Tequila. Invite some friends over and celebrate this exciting spirit. Salud!

Revealed! 3 Vodka Cocktails With Intriguing Origins

When you sip your favorite drinks, are you curious about their seemingly mysterious beginnings? Although the details remain murky about the roots of some cocktails, others are more clear. 

Read on to discover the juicy details of some of your favorite classic cocktails made with NOËL Vodka


The genesis of this drink launched a targeted advertising campaign in the 1940s to reverse America’s chilly response to vodka.

Back then, the spirit was associated mainly with Russia, hence the drink’s name. But the first Moscow Mule was poured far away in Hollywood, CA.

Legend has it that three friends each sold an integral part of the recipe; a copper mug, vodka, and ginger beer.

The problem? On their own these components didn’t sell, so they packaged them together and poured the first Moscow Mule at the famous Cock n’ Bull Pub on Sunset Blvd.

“Mule” was added to the name to celebrate the “kick” of flavor from the ginger beer and this unique drink was a runaway hit with celebrities. Word spread and the Moscow Mule’s enduring popularity continues today.

The pairing of citrus and refreshing ginger beer makes this one a crowd-pleaser, especially in the hot summer weather.


Historians are conflicted about the true origins of one of the first vodka-based cocktails.

Some credit the delightful tall citrus drink to American marines during WW II. While others tie its roots to Mid-20th-century American oil workers in the Persian Gulf who snuck vodka into their orange juice while on duty. They had only screwdrivers to stir it with–and just like that, the Screwdriver was born. 

No matter which version you believe, the combo of vodka and orange juice is the very essence of beauty and simplicity. It works, even if you don’t stir it with an actual screwdriver. 



Fill a highball glass with fresh ice and pour the vodka and orange juice. Stir gently and garnish with an orange slice.


Originally made with gin, this time-honored cocktail was born out of medical necessity in the 19th century.  British sailors (“limeys”) drank Vitamin C-rich lime juice to ward off scurvy. They soon discovered that mixing it with gin masked the sour-tasting limes-and viola- the Vodka Gimlet was invented! 

When vodka gained popularity in the 1970s it replaced gin. With just a few ingredients, you can enjoy this easy and timeless cocktail. 



Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously (about 15-30 seconds) until chilled. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Come see us!

We hope you enjoyed uncovering the origins of some of your favorite vodka cocktails.

If you’d like to learn more about how NOËL Vodka and our other unique small-batch craft spirits are made, we invite you to book a tour and tasting here

If you’re not local, all of our premium spirits are available for purchase and delivery in all 50 states online. 

See you soon!

12 Essentials For Every Home Bar

Kelsey Taylor welcomes visitors to the bar at NOËL Family Distillery. “Cocktails are fun and even more exciting when you mix them yourself and share them with friends and family,” she says.

All that’s required to whip up classic or even quirky libations is a home bar setup with a few  NOËL spirits, mixers, some essential barware tools and glassware, and a batch of dependable drink recipes.

Here are 12 essentials every home bar needs: :

1. Glassware

Not all cocktails are created equal. Some are served on the rocks and others neat. Some are best enjoyed in short glasses, and others you shoot in a single gulp. 

A well-rounded collection of glassware includes:

  •  Martini glasses
  •  Rocks glasses
  •  Highballs and beer mugs
  •  Shot glasses
  •  Specialty stemware, such as margarita glasses
  •  Wine glasses

2. Cocktail Shakers

Shakers are used for mixing cocktails and are among the most important tools in commercial and home bars. 

There are several types of cocktail shakers such as the elegant three-piece Cobbler shaker with an integrated strainer or the two-piece Boston shaker, which is more versatile. The Boston shaker’s mixing glass alone is fantastic for mixing cocktails that require no shaking but stirring, like martinis. How to choose? You can never have too many cocktail shakers, so have one of each!

3. Bar Spoons

Although technically, you can use any spoon to mix a drink, bar spoons are the most effective way of swirling cocktails. These long-handled, threaded spoons let you easily combine ingredients no matter the size and shape of the glassware. Use bars spoons for sugar and scooping olives from a jar, too. 

4. Strainers

Strainers serve several purposes in the cocktail world. A fine-meshed strainer ensures your drinks are smooth and don’t have ice shards or debris particles from lemon juice and similar. On the other hand, a Hawthorne strainer, with its coiled spring, is designed to pour a mixed drink from the cocktail shaker into the glassware, leaving the ice behind.

5. Muddler

Classic muddled cocktails, like the mojito and the caipirinha, are as popular as ever. However, the category is more diverse today thanks to creative mixologists using fresh ingredients in their recipes. Muddling is no hard science; you just need the right tool to mash fresh herbs or fruit. You might not use a muddler every day, but you’ll be thankful to have one around for special drinks.

6. Coasters

Noel Family Distillery Coaster - Set of 4

Slipping a NOËL Coaster under your guest’s craft cocktails gives a special touch. But coasters serve a practical purpose too by protecting your workspace and bar from scratches and absorbing spills. A few sets of coasters are a must for every home bar!

7. Jiggers

Measuring tools called jiggers are the best way to ensure your cocktails are balanced. Yes, you can eyeball cocktails if you practice long enough. Still, even the most experienced mixologists measure their ingredients with a jigger or measuring cup. Jiggers come in different sizes, but you’ll be all right with a 1.5 oz – 2 oz jigger — standard pours used in most cocktails.

8. Ice Cube Tray & Ice Bucket

Ice might be the most essential ingredient in cocktail making — it chills and dilutes drinks, whether mixing neat cocktails or pouring them on the rocks. And if you’re just getting started in the world of home bartending,  you’ll soon learn the importance of ice. You’ll need lots of it! so have a couple of ice cube trays and an ice bucket on hand.

9. Pour Spouts

Spouts, also known as liquor pourers, are handy little tools that help you pour a smoother stream. Place these on your bottles and pour faster and more efficiently. Spouts also add a wow factor to your drink mixing. Spouts are not ideal for long-term storage, so close your spirit and liqueur bottles with their original caps when not using them.

10. Bar Mats

Bar mats are non-slip rubber mats designed to catch spills, protect your home bar’s surface, and keep the space clean and tidy. They come in all shapes and sizes,  are easy to clean, and last a lifetime. Find the bar mats that work best for you.

11. Hand Juicer

The easiest way to elevate your drink-mixing to the next level is by using freshly squeezed juice. For that, you’ll need a hand juicer. The famous Mexican hand juicer is ideal for home bars and allows you to squeeze lemons and limes easily.

12. Lemons & Limes

Don’t forget the citrus! Since so many popular cocktail recipes call for this tangy fruit, keep your bar fridge well stocked. Citrus wedges and wheels are also popular garnishes and add a pop of color and a festive finishing touch to your home cocktails. 

“You can never have too many limes,” says Kelsey Taylor when bartending at NOËL Family Distillery. “Store citrus fruits in open containers to promote airflow and prevent mold,” she advises.

3 Easy Vodka Cocktails to Celebrate Summer

Summer is finally here!

What better way to kick off BBQ and outdoor living season than with some easy breezy freshly made cocktails?  We’re sharing 3 simple vodka drink recipes that you’re sure to love.

NOËL Vodka is known for its crystal-clear appearance and neutral flavor, making it a popular party mixer that doesn’t overpower other ingredients. The ultimate versatility of this spirit is a must for every home bar. Use it as a base for your own creative cocktail recipes.

Vodka is made by distilling any fermented base, whether it’s grains, grapes, or potatoes. We use 100% USA-produced corn, distill it 6 times, and charcoal filter to flush any impurities while assuring a balance of character and purity. The result? Luxurious mouthfeel, exceptionally smooth on the palate, and has no burn.

So, raise a glass,  NOËL Family Distillery offers two unique vodkas (both gluten-free) that are made for summer moments. And they’re sure to raise your spirits as well!


This savory cocktail recipe combines vodka, tomato, citrus juices, and spices. The Bloody Mary, now over 100 years old is still a favorite brunch libation. This fun twist on a classic uses our signature pickle-infused vodka. Cheers! Enjoy our personal recipe here

There’s a reason the bloody mary is the official brunch cocktail. It pairs well with everything on your Sunday morning menu; eggs, breakfast casseroles, hashbrowns, breakfast pizza, and assorted dips such as hummus, guacamole, and queso.


This beautiful tropical drink is the vodka version of Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha. With whole lime wedges muddled into the mix, 

the caipiroska is a non-minty version of the mojito and is deliciously balanced between citrusy tanginess and sweetness.


  • 2 oz NOËL Vodka
  • 1 lime cut into wedges
  • 1 oz simple syrup (or 1 T granulated sugar) 
  • Sparkling water (optional)


Muddle the sugar and lime wedges in a rocks glass, pour the vodka, and fill the glass with cracked ice. Stir gently.  Add a splash of sparkling water if desired.

The acidic lime in this drink refreshes the palate and pairs well with a charcuterie board filled with smoked and salty fish and creamy and salty cheeses such as Brie and Gouda. 


When it’s too hot for coffee but you still need an afternoon boost? Try our Espresso Martini, a drink reserved for true coffee lovers! TIP: If using freshly brewed espresso, cool it off in the freezer to avoid melting the ice and diluting the drink.

Want to upgrade this recipe to a deliciously rich dessert? Add a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream and you have an Affogato al caffe, a popular Italian dessert that means “drowned in coffee.”

Invite friends over for Espresso Martinis and a summer dessert bar. Apple pie and coffee are a classic pairing. How about cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, and other fresh fruits and berries? Round out your dessert buffet with assorted nuts and trail mixes.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

A special note from Natalie Noel: Dad, you instilled a sense of adventure in me from a young age. Watching you live your life filled with purpose and fun inspired me to do the same. Now, we’ve embarked on the adventure of a lifetime together–our dream of opening the distillery was a long time in the making. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished together and what is yet to come. Happy Father’s Day POPS! Love, Natalie.

We hope you enjoy our Father’s Day Gift Guide filled with hand-picked selections from Chip and Natalie to celebrate Dad’s special day. Give him what he really wants this year, hint it’s not a tie…

NOËL Shot Glass:

Toast Dad with his favorite ultra-premium spirits from our craft distillery! 

Our one-of-a-kind souvenir shot glass is engraved with the green tree frog-the official Louisiana state amphibian-representing good luck, creation, and prosperity. Cheers!

NOËL Water Bottle:

Make sure Dad stays hydrated between all the Noël Sips this weekend with his own water bottle. This durable 18 oz. container is sure to find many uses after the celebrations end. Dad can stash this water bottle in his truck or boat or take it along on a fishing trip or hike. Gift idea: fill with Dad’s favorite candy or treats before wrapping.

NOËL Coasters:

The perfect spot to guard Dad’s shot glass or favorite mixed drink! Our coasters add charm to any table while protecting the surface from scratches and absorbing spills. This is a practical and fun gift, every home needs a set!

NOËL Trucker Hat:

Ties are out, trucker hats are in! Dad will love our blue and gold embroidered logo with the Louisiana tree frog perched on top to assure good luck wherever he travels. One size, adjustable.

NOËL Pickle Vodka:

Our signature pickle-infused Vodka is earning rave reviews from customers and businesses! We suggest gifting Dad his own bottle for his special day.  NOËL ultra-premium pickle vodka is delightfully briney and bursts with dill flavor. It’s great on its own, but also mixes perfectly with bloody marys, martinis, or even marinating Dad’s favorite meats or veggies for the grill.

NOËL Spirits:

We have all of Dad’s favorite ultra-premium craft spirits available for purchase at the distillery or delivered straight to your door. We’re proud to be the only Louisiana distillery to offer 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila. All spirits are prepared with only the finest ingredients and are an accessible luxury for all. Want the full experience? Treat Dad to a tasting and an educational tour filled with rich local history. Click here to book.

Welcome to our blog. We’re so glad you’re here!

It’s been a long journey and many of you have been with us from the start. We’re so appreciative of the unwavering community support and love you’ve shown over the years.

We look forward to all the new friendships being formed in Louisiana and beyond and sharing our craft small-batch spirits near and far. We’re proud to be the only Louisiana distillery to offer 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila.

We also specialize in barrel-aged rum and charcoal-filtered vodka. Try our signature pickle-infused vodka for a fun twist on your bloody mary.

Our motto, “resiliency together” has carried us through some tough years and we’re excited to bring something unique and fun to our local community.

We officially opened our doors on May 6th, 2023, and hosted our first tour. Our 4,000 sq ft. facility welcomes visitors with a spacious parking lot, a tasting room, a retail store, and a private event space for special occasions and classes.

You can already find our premium spirits at several local restaurants, stores, and bars and the list is growing!

  • Houmas House
  • Hokus Pokus, Prairieville
  • Calandro’s Supermarket
  • Ivar’s Sports Bar & Grill, Baton Rouge
  • Unleaded BBQ, Baton Rouge
  • The First and Last Chance Cafe
  • Dark 30 Bar, Baton Rouge

Our blog will entertain and educate you with a behind-the-scenes look inside our Louisiana distillery. We’ll share delicious craft cocktail recipes and food pairing tips and seasonal content.

Curious about how we extract the Agave sugar for our Tequila? Stay tuned! Want to learn more about the compelling origin stories of your favorite cocktails? Do you wonder if that’s a real worm in Tequila?

These are just a few of the intriguing topics fermenting in our blog.

Be sure to tune in every week for new and exciting content and a few surprises. We’re so glad you’re here!