The Noel Family Distillery is a Craft distillery located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana

Since the late 1800’s, the Noёl Family has farmed acres in Donaldsonville, Louisiana growing delicious sugarcane, our product’s primary ingredient. Five generations of the Noёl family have been born and raised in the heart of sugarcane country and have made livings as a farmer, a pilot, and a business woman. In Louisiana, we know our neighbors, our craft, and our land. We know how to live. By placing the distillery adjacent to the Mississippi river and near the cane fields, NFD has the rare ability to produce high-grade premium sipping rum of the Rhum Agricole variant. And so we farm our land as we have for over a century. We distill our harvest on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

Our rich history and family passion is poured into every bottle. The result? An exceptional, authentic line of craft-spirits with perfected natural flavors – an accessible luxury for anyone who wants to live right, Louisiana style. It is our mission to produce premium but approachable high quality rhum agricole and other fine spirits with locally sourced natural ingredients. Aging will occur in the traditional manner utilizing the heat and humidity of the region.

What’s happening in the Distillery right now?

Local Craft Distillery

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