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A Look Inside Our Vodka Distillation

Vodka is one of the most consumed spirits worldwide. Its neutral flavor makes it the perfect base in the trendiest cocktails because it allows other ingredients to shine. The name vodka comes from the Russian word “voda” meaning water.

NOËL Vodka requires no aging and may appear to be a simple spirit on the surface. But don’t be fooled! Our ultra-premium vodkas are anything but ordinary. When creating our flavor profile, our goal was to bring you the smoothest and most delicious vodka that can be sipped straight–no mixer needed! 

Enjoy as a sipper on the rocks or enhance your favorite cocktail with our delicious vodka that is proofed and bottled right here in our Louisiana distillery. 

Let’s take a closer look inside our vodka distillation process…

Vodka Ingredients

The first vodka was made by distilling a fermented mash made of potatoes.

Soon grains such as wheat and rye became popular fermentable bases for the clear spirit too.

However, distilleries worldwide can use anything, from sugar cane and grapes to soybeans and apples, to make vodka. Surprisingly, even quinoa and honeycomb are used by some producers. If you can ferment and distill it, you can use it to make vodka.

At NOËL Family Distillery, we use 100% corn produced in the USA which imparts a subtle sweetness and a luxurious mouthfeel. Our vodkas are exceptionally smooth palate pleasers and finish without the burn. This is something that sets us apart from our competition.

The Mash

Vodka starts with a mash, a technical term for a starchy and sugar-rich liquid that is fermented. Steamed rice, corn, wheat, grapes, and anything in between are used as the base of much of the vodka produced in the USA.

Depending on the ingredients used, no two mashing processes are the same. It’s more challenging to extract fermentable sugars from potatoes than from grapes for example.

The Distillation

Alcoholic distillation–separating the alcohol in the mash by gradually heating a fermented liquid–can be traced back to the ancient Arab world. 

Of course, not all alcohol is the same. The first and last fumes to evaporate in a distillation still, the “heads and tails,” must be discarded because they’re highly toxic. These are referred to as “cuts” and they are expertly made by our master distiller, Chip Noel. 

The sweet spot in between, the pure ethanol–the good stuff is aptly referred to as the “heart.” This is what ends up in the bottle and in your cocktail.

The Filtering

After the ethanol heart is captured, we re-distill it, not just two or three times, but six times and then charcoal filter to remove impurities and preserve balance and character. 

This careful filtration process results in a premium spirit that can stand alone sans any mixer. Try our vodka today and experience why Louisiana-produced local spirits are just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Remember, for our vodkas, purity is everything. 

Finally, we combine this ultra-pure ethanol with water and bottle it. One extra step goes into preparing our signature pickle vodka, we infuse it with briney and dill flavors. People are raving about it! Try it for a fun twist in your next Bloody Mary.

To get a closer look at our distillation process, book a tour and tasting today. Meet our master distiller, learn about our rich local history, and sample all of our delicious spirits. Be sure and take a few bottles home with you too. 

Not local? No problem, you can order online here to receive your Louisiana spirits delivered straight to your door.